Digital Oilfield Solutions

Gigasec Services and partners combine and collaborate multiple state-of-the-art technologies to integrate project, process, realize whole life cycle management, service all-in-one integrated platform with visualization, coordination, simulation, intelligence, optimization and standardization.

  • • Do you require connectivity in your remote location?
  • • VSAT Broadband are expensive and has high latency, do you require superior connectivity solution?
  • • Do you need to monitor any aspect of your infrastructure? Fuel tank, valves, flanges, CCTV, Access Control?
  • • Do you still have a paper-dependent operation that needs to be digitized?
  • • Do you need a Help-Desk / Service Desk support for your remote ICT operations?
  • • Network Monitor, System Fault Diagnosis and Process
  • • Displaying the Production Processes in Real-Time
  • • System Emergency Shutdown and Failure Protection

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