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TrackIT Basic 1

Real-Time Tracking on Platform and Mobile APP, Ignition Detect, Geo-Fence, External Battery Disconnect Alarm – Anti Theft, Engine Stop and Restore, Internal Memory up to 2000 GPS Points, Built-In Backup Battery, Free Installation

  1. Outright Sale: NGN 40,000 – No Annual Fee
  2. Managed Service: NGN 40,000 – Annual Reoccurring Fee of NGN 20,000 from 2nd Year.

TrackIT Intermediate

Offers most features of TrackIT Basic but with managed advanced platform, Optional OBDII Tracker for fuel Monitoring or advanced tracker, Advanced Platform Analytics, Optional Driver Identification, Maintenance Scheduling

  1. Sale + Installation: NGN89,675.84 *T&C Applies

TrackIT Advanced (In-Vehicle Monitoring System)

Custom Built Solution, Enterprise Setup, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, Driver Monitoring, Geofence Speed Limit, Sensors

Fleet Management

We offer fleet Tracking packages to take your fleet management to the next level. The packages include - Real-time Vehicle Location, Driver Management Tracking (speed, time and distance monitoring), Reports Analysis readily available for Download at any time.
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People Tracking

Our GPS equipped smartwatches, tags and necklaces allows you to track your child or pet in real time. All you have to do is download an app like Find My Kids and connect it to your child’s smartwatch. With fast and reliable global positioning, you never have to question where your child or pet is.

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